Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs to Join in 2023

Are you looking for the best essential oil affiliate programs that will help you boost your affiliate earnings in the next few years? If so, you\'re in luck! We\'ve put together a list of the best essential oil affiliate programs that you can join in order to start making money today.

Whether you\'re just getting started with affiliate marketing or you\'re looking to improve your earnings rapidly, these programs have everything that you need. So if you\'re serious about becoming an essential oil affiliate marketer, read on!


What to Look for In an Affiliate Program?

There\'s no denying that essential oils are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. Not only are they helpful for wellness and wellness-related issues, but they also have many amazing benefits for the home.

If you\'re interested in joining an affiliate program that focuses on essential oils, make sure to do your research first. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when choosing an affiliate program: company track record and industry expertise, commission rate, sign-up procedures, commission payment policies, and affiliate program benefits. Additionally, be sure to look for programs that offer digital and offline opportunities so you can maximize your earnings potential.

And, of course, be aware of scammy programs that may charge high fees or ask you to invest money before you can start earning commissions. So what are you waiting for? Start affiliate marketing today and reap the benefits of essential oils!

Best Essential Oil Affiliate Programs to Boost Affiliate Earnings

The market for essential oils is growing rapidly, so it\'s no surprise that there are many affiliate programs available. However, not all affiliate programs are created equal.

It\'s essential to choose an affiliate program that fits your budget and interests – some offer a range of products while others only promote one specific oil. Make sure you\'re using the right tools to research and track your earnings – an AI-powered tool like SEMRush can help with this process.

Additionally, be sure to stay up-to-date on changes in the industry by regularly reading online forums and social media pages related to essential oils. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and boost affiliate earnings.

1. Amoils

If you\'re looking for an affiliate program that offers a wide range of products to promote, then Amoils might be the right choice for you. This essential oil affiliate program is one of the oldest and most popular on the market. It offers a variety of health and beauty items, pet care items, etc.

Good commission rates are offered along with advertising opportunities that can be customized according to your needs. Customer support is available 24/7 if required.

2. Aromafloria

Aromafloria is one of the essential oils industry\'s leading resources, with comprehensive information on oils, aromatherapy, and health benefits.

Here are some talking points about aromatherapy:

– Essential oils can be used for a variety of purposes, including relaxation and stress relief.

– They can also help you improve your general health by aiding in digestion and boosting the immune system.

– Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce anxiety levels and promote sleep hygiene.

3. Aromahead

If you are interested in aromatherapy and essential oils, Aromahead is the affiliate program for you! This great program offers a wide range of oils to promote, as well as commission opportunities on sales made by its affiliates. Furthermore, anyone can join without any prior experience or skills – making it an ideal affiliate marketing program for beginner marketers.

The oil range offered by Aromahead includes lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint – three essential oils that have been proven to be helpful in restoring health and wellness.

You can also look forward to additional bonuses including webinars and exclusive discounts on products once you achieve certain milestones in your affiliate marketing journey with the company.

4. Artisan Aromatics

Artisan Aromatics is a commission-based essential oil affiliate program that offers flexible earning opportunities.

You can earn commissions from selling products, referring people to the program, and more. The company also has a money-back satisfaction guarantee so you can be sure your earnings will be worth it. There are over 1,600+ products to choose from so there\'s definitely something for everyone on this affiliate program!

5. Barefut

Barefut is one of the most popular essential oil affiliate programs out there. It offers affiliates a range of benefits, including commission payment and exclusive deals.

The program is easy to join and use, making it a great option for beginners looking to start their own businesses. There are also a lot of opportunities to grow your business with Barefut!

6. Boom Boom Naturals

Boom Boom Naturals is a program that offers affiliates a 50% commission on sales made through their links. Additionally, they offer an amazing referral program where affiliates can earn up to $2000 per month.

The oils are top-quality and there is a wide range of products to choose from. Affiliates will enjoy the freedom to work from home and the company\'s support team is available 24/7.

7. Dharmaceuticals (Aurelia Essential Oils)

Dharmaceuticals are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and there is a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers to make money. Many of these oils are still in their early stages of development, making them high-revenue products.

There are many different affiliate programs to choose from, so it is important to find the right one for your business. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up – you don\'t want to get into any trouble!

8. doTERRA

If you\'re interested in essential oils and want to start making money from affiliate marketing, DoTERRA is definitely the program for you. It offers a commission structure that\'s incredibly generous – up to 80% commissions on sales!

Plus, there are plenty of tools and resources available so that you can learn everything about the oils industry and how to market them effectively. Joining as an individual or joining a team is totally fine – it just makes things easier for everyone involved.

The program is constantly growing, so there\'s always something new to learn and opportunities expand quickly. So if essential oils are your thing, make sure DoTERRA is on your affiliate marketing radar!

9. Diffuser World

Diffuser world is one of the leading essential oil affiliate programs and it offers high commission rates on sales made by other members. You can start making money with this program by either becoming a registered member or signing up as an affiliate before you can make any sales.

10. Essential Oils Academy

If you\'re looking for a top-quality essential oil affiliate program, look no further than Essential Oils Academy. This is one of the best programs out there and offers plenty of benefits for both affiliate marketers and consumers alike.

As an affiliate marketer, you can join as a member right away and start promoting essential oils to your audience. There are various affiliate programs available so you can pick the one that fits your needs best. You can earn commissions on sales made through referral links – making this program truly exceptional in terms of commission rates!

11. Floracopeia

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, then Floracopeia is a program that you should definitely consider. This affiliate program offers commission on sales made by its affiliates, making it one of the most lucrative options available.

The program has an easy-to-use online portal with detailed instructions on how to join and start earning commissions right away. Furthermore, Floracopeia offers a wide range of oils available for sale – so there\'s bound to be something that interests you.

In addition to this, the company provides excellent customer service and responds quickly to any questions or concerns you may have.

12. GEO Genuine Essential Oils

If you\'re passionate about essential oils and want to make some extra income, then GEO is the right affiliate program for you! By joining as an affiliate, you can promote our products and earn a commission on sales.

Plus, by being part of a network of affiliates, your earning potential will be increased even more.

To start promoting with us today, simply sign up for a free account here!

We\'ll also give you access to special discounts and bonuses on all GEO products – so there\'s really no reason not to get started!

13. Jade Bloom

If you\'re looking for an essential oil affiliate program that offers high commission rates, great benefits, and generous referral programs, then Jade Bloom is definitely worth considering.

Not only do they offer some of the highest commissions available, but their helpful support team can help you get started with your marketing efforts quickly and easily.

Plus, there are no hidden fees so you always know exactly what your earnings will be – making this one of the most reliable affiliate programs out there.

14. Amrita

If you\'re looking for an essential oil affiliate program that offers a high commission rate and a wide range of products to promote, Amrita is the program for you. You will earn money based on how many sales your referrals make – so there\'s no need to put in any extra effort!

Aside from promoting essential oils, this program also offers aromatherapy, skincare, and health products. So whether you\'re after natural healing or pure aromatherapy, Amrita has what you need! There is also free marketing help available if needed.

15. Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is a program that sells essential oils and offers commission on sales. The commissions vary depending on the product – from 10% to 30%. You need to be verified and have a good reputation before you can join.

16. Guru Nanda

Guru Nanda is a guru in the essential oil industry, and what he knows about oils can help you make money. As an affiliate program operator, he offers both essential oils and health advice through commission-based sales. There are a variety of commissions you can earn – from 10% to 35%.

The program is constantly expanding, so there\'s always something new for you to learn about!

17. Edens Garden

Edens Garden is one of the leading essential oil affiliate programs with great rewards and perks for affiliates. Affiliates can earn commissions on sales made through their Edens Garden links, which makes it a highly lucrative program to be a part of.

The range of products available through this affiliate program is vast, encompassing health & wellness, natural beauty, pets & more.

As well as offering high commission rates and excellent benefits for affiliates, Edens Garden also has a high-quality standard that is constantly being ensured. It has been in operation since 1998 and is well known for its trustworthiness and reliability amongst essential oil enthusiasts worldwide

18. Rocky Mountain Oils

If you\'re looking to start an essential oil business, the Rocky Mountain Oils affiliate program is a great way to get started. The commission rates are high and the program is well organized – making it easy for you to promote products and earn commissions.

There are many different ways in which you can market products through social media, email marketing, blog posts etcetera – all of which help boost sales. If you have some experience or education in essential oils, this affiliate program is perfect for you!

19. Lisse Essentials

If you\'re looking for an affiliate program that will payout big time, then Lisse Essentials is the perfect choice for you.

This essential oil affiliate program has a generous commission structure that benefits affiliates greatly. Plus, they offer helpful training and support to help ensure success as an affiliate marketer. If you\'re serious about becoming successful with essential oil marketing, then sign up with Lisse Essentials today!

20. Shaman

Shaman is an essential oil affiliate program that pays out very well. Its wide range of products makes it a great choice for those with diverse interests, while its team-based structure amplifies your earnings.

If you are looking to make some serious money from your essential oils, then this is the affiliate program for you!

21. Vibrant Blue Oils

Vibrant Blue Oils is a top-tier essential oil affiliate program that pays out well. They offer a wide range of products so you can find an affiliate program that best suits your needs and niche.

You can earn commissions on sales made through their partner sites, making it one of the most rewarding affiliate programs available today. The signup process is simple and the support team is available to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter.

22. Young Living

If you\'re looking to get into essential oils, then Young Living is a great affiliate program to start with. They offer commission rates that are high and plenty of opportunities for growth.

Plus, their products are some of the most effective on the market – making them perfect for affiliate marketing. So if you\'re ready to jump onto the essential oil bandwagon, then Young Living is definitely a program worth considering!

23. Oasis Diffusers

If you\'re in the market for an affiliate program that pays high commissions, looks no further than Oasis Diffusers. This company has some of the best affiliate programs on the market, offering commission rates as high as 50%.

In addition to this, you can also earn promo codes and sign-up bonuses. Monthly payments are also a great option if you\'re looking to make consistent income from your marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular every day, and affiliate programs are the perfect way to get in on the action.

There are a lot of great affiliate programs to join in 2023, so be sure to do your research first. It\'s also important to stay on top of your marketing efforts, so make sure you\'re promoting the products and earning commissions.

Keep the blog title in mind as you begin your affiliate program journey – it will help you stay on track and achieve your marketing goals. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is selling essential oils profitable?

Yes, essential oil selling can be profitable for those who are savvy about the industry and know how to market their products.

To get started, you first need to know the right price point for your oils. You can either set a price yourself or partner with an affiliate program that will do that for you. Once you have determined the price point, invest in quality oils that will last longer and perform better.

Finally, get creative with your marketing strategies and reach out to as many people as possible. By doing this, you\'ll increase your chances of making a profit.

How can I make money with essential oils?

There are many ways that you can make money with essential oils-

some of which include:

1. Selling your own essential oil products: This option might be the most straightforward for you, as you can sell essential oils directly to customers.

2. Working as an affiliate for a company that sells essential oils: If you have a blog or website, you could work as an affiliate and promote companies like Young Living essential oils.

3. Becoming a consultant and offer advice on how to use and benefit from essential oils in your life: If you\'re knowledgeable about essential oils and have experience using them, this could be a great way to monetize your knowledge and offer advice to others.

4. Marketing essential oils: You could create marketing materials or blog posts about essential oils and market them online.

What is the best affiliate program on the market?

When it comes to finding the best affiliate program, there are a few things that you\'ll want to consider.

For starters, you\'ll want to decide what type of products or services you will be promoting.

Many affiliate programs offer great commission rates for signing up new customers and referring others. So, if you are interested in promoting products related to health, wellness, beauty, fashion, or food, then affiliate marketing may be the perfect fit for you.

Additionally, make sure to read the terms and conditions of any affiliate program that you are interested in before signing up as many programs have strict rules about how affiliates are supposed to market their products.

For example, some programs may require affiliates to post blog content about the products that they are promoting, while others may require affiliates to exclusively market their products through social media platforms.

How can I make money with essential oils?

The best way to make money with essential oils is by joining an affiliate program. These programs allow you to promote essential oils products and earn commission on sales made by your participants.

There are a number of different affiliate programs that you can join, and each one has its own set of benefits and requirements. Some popular affiliate programs include ClickBank, Commission Junction, Herbalife, and iHerb.

When you join an affiliate program, you will be given links to products that you then need to promote in order to earn commission on sales made by your participants.

What is the best way to make money from essential oil affiliate programs?

Signing up for essential oil affiliate programs is one of the simplest ways to make money with essential oils. You will need a webshop, an Amazon account, and an understanding of affiliate marketing in order to sign up.

Once you have these things set up, you will need to find products that you can sell. There are many different ways to make money from essential oil affiliate programs.

You can sell products, teach people about their benefits, or offer content writing or social media management services related to essential oils.

How can I find a good essential oil affiliate program?

Finding a good essential oil affiliate program can be tricky, but there are a few things you can do to make the process easier.

First of all, it\'s important to look for an affiliate program that has high-quality products and realistic commissions. commission rates should be high enough to cover the costs of running the program, but low enough so that you don\'t lose too much money if you don\'t sell any products.

Additionally, it\'s important to make sure that the company behind the affiliate program is reputable and responsive to customer issues. If there are any problems with your orders or payments, make sure to contact the affiliate program provider as soon as possible.

Finally, make sure to choose an affiliate program that offers flexible payment options like PayPal or Stripe. This way, you won\'t have to worry about losing money if something unexpected happens and you can\'t use your credit card.

Which are the most popular essential oils and what do they do?

There are a few essential oils that are currently in high demand and being affiliate marketed.

These essential oils include Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Frankincense, and Geranium.

These five oils have different properties that can help with a variety of issues. For instance, Lavender oil is known to be effective in reducing stress relief, anxiety control, and boosting energy levels.

Tea Tree oil can be used to fight acne and other skin problems, while Frankincense oil has been traditionally used as a natural aromatherapy agent for relaxation and healing. Geranium oil can help to reduce inflammation and improve skin conditions like eczema.

What makes an Essential Oil Affiliate Program successful?

When it comes to successful Essential Oil Affiliate Programs, there are a few key things that tend to be present.

One of the most important aspects is that the program has a well-defined structure.

This means that you know what to expect when joining the program and that everyone involved is on the same page with regard to how things work.

In addition, marketing strategies and an effective compensation plan are essential for any program looking to be successful. These two components help in driving conversions (meaning, people who join the program become affiliates) and motivating participants to stick around.

Lastly, programs should be reliable and user-friendly. This means that there are minimal hassles involved and that you can focus on selling oils rather than spending time on paperwork.


Looking to join an essential oil affiliate program in 2023? Look no further! In this blog post, we\'ve reviewed the best essential oil affiliate programs available and outlined the essential criteria that you should consider when choosing an affiliate program.

From commission rates to affiliate tools and support, we\'ve covered everything you need to know to make an informed decision. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning commissions as an essential oil affiliate!

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