14 Best FREE Logo Makers & Generators That You Will Love

Want the best free Logo makers available? Even With Some Premium Options, Then Make Use of These Generators.

The cost of creating the best logo for your company website might range from $100 to $5,000, so it\'s way expensive.

Not only that – a small-budget team might not have the software or expertise to create a logo on their own. There is no doubt that a logo design is significant. It develops the visual identity of your brand and serves as a memorable representation of who you are.

When you lack the funds to hire a skilled logo designer, where would you go?

Hiring a freelance designer on a project-basis is one choice.

Making your own logos with the logo creators is a superior idea.

Use logo creators and generators because…

  • You want to launch a new website, but your budget does not allow you to do so.
  • You lack the knowledge and tools necessary to create a logo on your own.
  • You\'re searching for ideas and inspiration for a logo design.

The Best Free & Premium Logo Makers.

You can just snap a screenshot of your logo if you don\'t want to pay for one of these logo producers. It\'s advisable to purchase an image if you require one with greater quality. Still, it\'s less expensive than paying a site designer. try sourcing on Fiverr for an example.

1. Canva

Canva has been around for a while, offering free and paid templates for social media images, flyers, invitations, business cards, and more. Their impressive template lineup includes a wide range of free and paid logo options. Begin with one of their free templates and then customize the text, colors, fonts, and other elements to match your brand.


You don\'t like what you\'ve seen? Upload your own graphics or use the drag-and-drop feature to add free elements from Canva\'s vast library to the logo template. Download your design in PNG, JPG, or PDF format. Using your free logo, use the site to create letterheads, business cards, and more.

The only disadvantage is that other people can use the same templates, so you may come across similar designs online. It doesn\'t take much to add your own unique touch to these free logo designs and get a professional-looking logo for free.

2. Wix Logo Maker

Wix logo maker combines the best of both worlds: simply answer a few simple questions, and it will generate a logo template for you. Then you can customize nearly every aspect based on your personal preferences, including colors, font, text, and sizing.

What\'s the best part? You will not only receive a custom-looking logo for free, but you will also receive full commercial rights to it (meaning you can use it for business and profit without worrying about who holds the license). You can even download your logo\'s source files (in SVG format) to use on anything from business cards to t-shirts.

To use the logo maker, you must first create an account with Wix. However, the bright side is that it will also grant you access to their business name generator and website building tool. As a result, it\'s the ideal one-stop shop for a brand new business.

3. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a powerful all-in-one graphic design tool that will assist you in creating a custom and one-of-a-kind logo for your company. The logo design process is guided by a quiz in which you answer questions about your brand, industry, and preferences. When you finish the quiz, you\'ll have your logo ready in no time. Tailor Brands will present you with some alternative options from which you can choose or customize your logo until you\'re satisfied.

You\'ll also receive ready-to-use graphics for social media and advertisements. Finally, once you\'ve finished, you can download high-quality vector, SVG, or EPS files with full commercial rights to use for your website, business cards, or merchandise.

4. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design makes it simple to create a free logo. Simply enter your company name, select from 20 different categories, and the app will display thousands of free logo templates. Change the color, shape, and font to your liking, then download your design for free. If you decide to invest in your logo later, you can download a high-resolution version for $40.

5. Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs, like the other logo makers on this list, offers a wide range of templates in a variety of categories. Enter your company name and tagline, select an image category, select your logo, and easily edit it. Sort your options by new or popular logos.

Start with shapes and symbols if you want more creative freedom with your logo design, or use them to add a decorative touch to your logo. Although the software is free to use, downloading your final design as a PNG, SVG, or JPG costs $19.99. If you decide to make changes in the future, you will have unlimited edits and downloads.

6. LogoMakr

LogoMakr provides an easy-to-use software program that allows you to drag your shapes and text exactly where you want them. Begin by searching for shapes and icons, then modify your colors, size, and other settings. Add text and arrange it however you want, while customizing font type, size, and color. A clever crop button perfectly crops your logo.

Simply save the design to your computer when you\'re finished. There is a free download option, but it comes with restrictions, such as low-quality files and an agreement to give the site credit for your logo. For only $19, you can download a high-quality version without credits for your website, business cards, t-shirts, and other uses.

7. Ucraft

If you\'ve gotten this far down the list and still haven\'t found a site that meets your logo design requirements, consider Ucraft. Ucraft is a website builder that provides web templates, free cloud hosting, and other services. They also provide a free logo maker as an added bonus. UCraft\'s free logo maker, like the others on the list, is as simple as selecting an icon, entering your company name, and customizing your fonts and colors.

Ucraft includes over 220,000 icons that you can use in your design. Freely export your transparent, high-resolution PNG file!

8. Online Logo Maker

The interface of Online Logo Maker is similar to that of Graphic Spring\'s free logo generator. With a plethora of templates and font options, it\'s quick and simple to get started on your logo design journey. Choose from hundreds of pre-designed symbols in hundreds of categories, or upload your own.

You can save your design and return to it later with a free account. You\'ll have unlimited downloads so you can change your logo whenever you want. Online Logo Maker provides both a free and a paid service. The Premium Package includes higher resolution downloads and the ability to export your design as a transparent (.PNG) or vector (.SVG) file, allowing you to use your logo anywhere.

9. Designmantic

Begin by selecting your preferred logo style, font type, and colors from Designmantic\'s free logo generator. Then, enter your company name and choose from over 30 industry categories. When you find a logo that you like, you can change the colors and font.

Although the tool is free, you must pay to download your design. This means you\'ll receive a high-resolution vector-based file suitable for large-scale printing. This website, unfortunately, does not allow for unlimited downloads. If you don\'t want to pay the download fee, it can be a great inspiration tool.

10. Shopify

Shopify provides a wide range of tools for online businesses, including those required to launch your own online store. Though some of these services require a monthly fee, Shopify also provides a variety of free tools such as a business name generator, QR code generator, and, of course, a free logo maker.

Enter your company name, then select an icon and customize the colors and sizes. Choose from four different text and icon layouts before having the logo emailed to you.

11. Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker includes over 200 fonts, over 1,000 professional templates, and over 600,000 vector shapes to help you create a professional-looking logo even if you\'re not a professional designer. They offer vector-based SVG downloads as well as unlimited customization, allowing you to change your colors and fonts at any time. You will be able to create a free non-customizable modern logo under the free model. Unlike other free logo makers, you will be able to export your design as a JPG or PNG file in 300DPI.

You can also choose between a basic monthly plan ($1.99/mo) and a premium monthly plan ($4.99/mo), which will provide you with unlimited access to the logo maker as well as the ability to download high-quality logos.

12. Design Hill

Design Hill provides a variety of services, one of which is a free logo generator. Browse thousands of icons, change the text and colors, and save your free design. Check out their other free tools, such as Facebook and Twitter cover photo generators, a QR code generator, and more.

13. Logo Maker

The Logo Maker has been in the industry for over a decade, and their free logo generator has helped over 3 million entrepreneurs and small business owners. Select from over 10,000 icons, then create and save an unlimited number of logos in your account for free.

When you finish your design and download the high-resolution file, you will be charged $40. In the meantime, you can experiment with and draw inspiration from the tool. If you want to save money, you can generate an HTML code snippet for your website instead of downloading the entire image file.

14. Squarespace

Squarespace provides a wide range of online business services, including everything you need to get started with your own website. You can browse icons and customize your design with their free online logo maker, whether you\'re looking for inspiration or a completely customized logo. Download the low-resolution version for free, or purchase the high-resolution version for $10. Squarespace customers can get the high-resolution file for free as part of their membership.

With such a diverse set of tools at your disposal, you can experiment with logo design regardless of your budget.

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